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Allow us to take you on a short journey to find out how we've been rescuing children in Burundi since 1993 and how you can stay informed and get involved...

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Why we exist
Burundi is a central African nation with a population of approximately five million people. 
It is situated in the centre of the Great Lakes region right next to Lake Tanganyika. Its bordering countries are Rwanda and Congo on the north and west, and Tanzania to the east and south. It is estimated that in the first week of the outbreak of war approximately 150,000 people were massacred. It seems the world never got to hear about this until war broke out in the neighbouring country of Rwanda in April 1994, and it is estimated that over one million people were killed in that genocide.

Burundi is a country still at war. The fighting has continued over the last ten years with many more people being killed and others running for their lives, with the result that the land is filled with many homeless, parentless, displaced people.

Approximately one-fifth of the country is made up of orphaned children, and of that number it is estimated that about 600,000 are AIDs orphans, the remainder are war orphans.
Our mission
Children Rescued in Burundi (C.R.I.B.) was started by Chrissie Chapman to help orphaned children at the onset of the war in Burundi in October 1993. C.R.I.B. is the name of this child rescue and care project in Bujumbura, registered in Burundi through African Revival Ministries International, a charity with bases in the UK, USA, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Senegal, and Burundi.

Chrissie and her son Benjamin 2010

Experience has shown that traumatized orphaned children do not do well in large institutional settings and so the aim is to create "family" through the way the care and basic needs of these children are managed.

The goal is to meet the needs of endangered children and abandoned orphans by providing love, shelter, support, education, and health care.

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